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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Betrayal [ Luke 22 v48]

I have to minister at a local church, and I have been asked to speak to the children, I am thinking of speaking on friendship. I  will start by showing a picture of a dog otherwise known as mans best friend, speak generally about the friends I have had. We all need friends, I can remember one of my earliest friends Billy Harris, I remember, visiting him at home, his mother asked him to go to go to a shop and get some shopping. Billy lost some money and for some reason his mother suspected me of taking it, I never took it, It is sad to be accused on the wrong, of betraying a friendship. Jesus had a friend his name was Judas, and he did something awful, he betrayed Jesus, for money, how painful that must have been, I recently met a Christian, who told me how a person he employed had he said turned him over, the result was his company went into liquidation. The thing that stuck me about that man he did not appear to be bitter, but manifested a godly spirit. The fact is those we consider friends can betray us, can hurt us, Being betrayed was part of the suffering Christ had to endure, He did not retaliate, instead He entrusted himself to Him who judges justly[1 Peter 2 v 19-23]

                                          A prayer
Dear Saviour grant us grace to bear with  hurts caused by  people we consider to be our friends, Amen.

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