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Friday, 4 March 2016

What has God said.[ John 11 v 40]

We are all different,some see the glass half full while others see it as half empty.When the Israelites were at the the borders of the promised land,they listened to the report of the 12 people who had spied out the promised land.
Ten of them give a very negative report which effected the people,the other two spies spoke to the people,they had seen  what the ten had seen,but they had faith in God,that whatever the difficulties they would overcome them,for God had promised this land to them.If God has promised us something,then he will fulfil his word,no matter what the difficulties.Jesus
said to woman,who had lost a loved one,said I not unto thee,if thou wouldest believe,thou shouldest see the glory of God[John 11v40].We must
rise in faith above our natural feelings of negativity,and trust in the the living God.Here what Jesus is saying to your heart,and believe,don't be sucked in to unbelief and disobedience,by what others say.God gave me a
word recently to a woman who had months to live,she obeyed it,she is now recovering,if she had not she would now be dead.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God have mercy,we confess that we are so easily influenced by others,and our own,weak hearts. Help us to believe the word you give us
and obey it,in Jesus name Amen.

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