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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Angry. [ Revelation 21v 1ff]

I heard a dear Christian brother praying,he asked forgiveness for feeling angry,as to why people were suffering ,he did not understand,it sounded
like he felt it was unfair.Many people feel like that,and accuse God,they
say why does God not stop it,if He is God.Now the fact is we will all suffer,
without exception,for we will all die,why does he not stop it?.Two things
come to mind,Gods sovereignty,and  what appears a world that is out of control.The word of God tells that,all things changed,when our first parents sinned,humanity changed, the visible universe changed[Romans 8 v22]
It was mankinds decision to sin,so lets not blame a loving God,as I say the blame falls on us,no I am not trying to load you with guilt for a particular thing ,no  I am pointing out the awful consequences of what we call the fall,upon every human being.It appears God give humanity a choice,[ Genesis 2 v15-17]He told them the consquences of disobedience,which they understood,but they disobeyed,and whiter we realize it we were all involved in this,and we are all suffering the consequences. Now I cannot fully explain the sovereignty of God in all this,only God can explain it.But I believe He is sovereign,and inspite of suffering,He is in control,and through Jesus death on the cross,He offers us salvation,that deals with sin and its
consquences.Our sins can be forgiven ,instead of Hell we have an new heaven and earth,and in that realty there will be no sin.
                                       A prayer.
Dear God we confess our weakness in fully understanding many things,but we praise you that this we do know,that through Christ your son there is hope .Amen.

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