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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My sins our ?. [ Romans 8 v31- 39]

Recently I was attending home group meeting,and the person had list of a famous children's publications,called ,'Mr Men',there is quite a lot of them.
We were asked to choose what Mr Man were we,and I choose Mr. Forgetful
,I do have my moments when I do not remember certain things.Recently I saw a person I had worked with for many years,I just could not remember her name, I felt a bit annoyed with myself,but I am nearly 72,so I suppose it comes with the territory,after she left I did remember.Remembering It is important,it is a wonderful gift,I  wonder how does our brains remember smells,or even taste,we are truly  wonderfully made.Even though I am getting on I still can remember a lot of things,but I wish I could forget
somethings ,that I did when I was younger,the Bible calls them ,the sins of our youth[Psalm 25 v7],what about the sins I do not remember?. On Judgement day what is going to happen?and the answer is nothing,am I sure of that,that does not sound fair,surely God is going to judge me,for my sins?,I may have forgotten ,but surely He has not.This answer is,I will not be judged,because,they have all been forgiven me,the moment I trusted Jesus as my Saviour,God forgive every sin,that I ever committed,or will commit.Does this sound to good to be true,yes it may seem that way,but in actual fact it is true.As far as the east is from the west ,so far has God removed my transgression from me,[Psalm 103 v12],because the blood of
of Jesus, Gods Son, cleanses from all sin[1 John 1 v7]

                            Gone, gone,gone,gone,
                            yes my sins are gone.
                             Now my soul is free,
                             and in my heart a song.
                             Buried in the deepest sea,
                             yes that's good enough for me,
                             I shall live eternally,praise God,
                             my sins are gone.

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