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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Risk takers.[ Acts [Acts 20 v 22- 27]

I feel it is hard to grasp the impact that Jesus had ,for so often He broke convention,when a leper  came and knelt before Him ,and said ,'Lord if you
are willing,you can heal me and make me clean[Matthew 8v2-4 ]Jesus
reached out and touched him,I am willing,be healed.It is my study Bible who points out,/Leprosy,like AIDS,was a terrifying disease,and even though
there are cures for leprosy now,it is still looked on as a terrifying disease.It was like being told you had AIDS, or cancer ,it was nearly like a death
sentence.It meant separation from your family and friends,and with limited contact socially.Yet Jesus touched him,that would have been seen as the height of folly,and not many people would want to shake hands with you,if you did it. So what do we learn from this account?,well we at times have to
follow in the footsteps of our Saviour.sinners need to be saved,we must not let anyone put up barriers .There will always be a risk in reaching other with the gospel,yes even here,in the UK ,and the so called Christian countries.
Let us remember it will always be worth it,people have risked all to achieve
riches ,such as gold,we are seeking a more valuable prize, the souls of men and woman,who are lost,and are going to a lost eternity.
                                         A prayer.
Dear God grant us the grace, to be a risk taker,as our Saviour was, Amen

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