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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

In understanding be men.[ Acts 8 v 30]

A lady from Japan said to a group of Christians,that the word we use for sinner,is the word they use for crime,so when we refer to people in Japan as
sinners,we are calling them criminals.I am sure there must be some other word that could be used to mean what the Bible calls sinners,I do not know.
Yet this highlights the importance of speaking Biblical truths in language that people can understand.Also here is a challenge as regards the Bible,and its this,to begin to understand the Bible,ourselves. It is very important to read the Bible daily ,to make as it as it were,our daily bread,and to try to
memorise it.Now it is important,but it should not stop there,we personally
need to understand the word of God. You may reply in different ways to what I am saying,you have not time,you are not one who likes studying,
or whatever,but it would be such a rewarding thing to do.You do not need to
overwhelmed by the thought,seek to get an overview,look at the background
of the books,historically,the reasons why the books were written.Make notes,buy good sound books,I am using a series of books called ,'The Bible speaks today/,I am finding them helpful,,some will be more helpful than others. Use the inter net,and let us remember we have the Holy Spirit who will guide us[John 16v13],ask Him to grant you discernment,always be discerning.We really do need to have a passion for Gods word,to read it ,to understand it,to live it,and in all things to Glorify Christ.
                                               A prayer.
Dear God thank you for your  word,that word that makes us wise unto
salvation,through faith in Christ,but also that we know Him more clearly,to love Him more dearly,and to follow Him more nearly.Amen.
[Part of a prayer by Richard of Chichester]

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