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Monday, 14 March 2016

If I ruled the world [Matthew 28 v18 ]

A number of years ago,there was a popular song ,called,'If I ruled the world,'I wonder if we did rule the world,how good of a job would we make of it?.I can only say ,I am glad I do not have the task of ruling the world,I found it hard enough  being in charge of five sons,who are now grown up. I often thing about,those who rule,be it a Prime Minister,or a President,and say to myself,who would want such a task,all that responsibility.No wonder it goes to their head,I would not swap places with them,for all the tea in China. Today pray for those in authority,that God would guide them,even though they do not know God,pray also that they will come to know God,and Christ as their Saviour.When we pray, we are going to a higher power,to the one who has all power in Heaven and earth, even Jesus.Others may not recognise this,but as Christians we do,our prayers,to Him ,can touch those in authority.He can cause wars to cease,resolve the humanly impossible problems,be it in a school,local and national government,so pray.He can remove those in power,and replace them,with better rulers,he can overthrow the vast amount of injustice,we know of,He can deal with the corruption,be it in banking,or wherever,and He can prevent laws being passed,and change  unjust laws.
                                          A  prayer.
Dear God and Saviour we thank you ,that you  are over all things,even though at times we do not understand why this, and why that.We ask in your mercy,you will cause wars to cease,bring an end to wicked and corrupt
rule,may your Kingdom come,we ask this in your name Lord Jesus. Amen.

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