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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Come down [Matthew 27v 39-44]

There was Christ hanging on the cross,nailed to that cross,his back in shreds
a crown of thorns on his head,not a pretty sight.It was not meant to be ,it was to say to the population if you break the law this is were you will end up. It was for criminals,and for those who would be involved in insurrection,Christ was guilty of none of these crimes,the governor had said so ,he tried to reason with his accusers,asking them ,why should he be crucified,he had done no evil[Matthew 27 v23].Nothing was going to change their minds,Absolutely nothing,as far as they were concerned this nobody,should die.The Governor knew why they wanted him dead,they were envious of him[Mark15v11],his popularity ,his power,his ministry,all were to bitter a pill for them to take.So the longer he lived ,the  more they hated him,and hate when it fills the heart can lead to murder.So there he was hanging on that cross of shame an innoncent victim,and they mocked him,there was no pity in their hearts for him,none.As they passed by they cried out,'He saved others;himself he cannot save. If he is the king of Israel,let him now come down from the cross,and we will believe him.[Matthew 27 42].But as General Booth once said,'It is precisely because He would not come down that we believe in Him'.
                                 There is a green hill far away,
                                 without a city wall,
                                 where the dear Lord was crucified,
                                 who died to save us all.

                                  He died that we might be forgiven,
                                  He died to make us good,
                                  that we might go at last to heaven,
                                  saved by His precious blood.
                                        [Words by Cecil Frances Alexander]


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