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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

lt does make a difference.[ Psalm 124 ]

Life can be filled with challenges,difficulties,things one would never choose
the young girl who has spoken about living with an alcoholic parent.I can think of many people who live with abusive others,for the want of a better term.Some are trapped,I remember a friend,who said in a note of despair,
of the  thought,of living the rest of her life with a husband who loved her but was very difficult to live with,plus there was no sexual relationship,
no intimacy. Yet many years later she is still with her husband,she is a
Christian,but because one is a Christian,does not make it any less easy.But it does make a difference,it may not seem so,if you are not a Christian,but in whatever situation ,being a Christian does make a difference. What  is the
difference?,well first of all there is faith in God, who we believe is in control,of all things that come into our lives,now of course that may raise
questions that one cannot understand,or explain. But it is the best and safest
answer,it is a declaration of faith in Jesus who loves us,so much that He died for us.If He loved us so much ,surely He is caring for us,and out the twisted wreckage of our life's experience,will work all things for our good.
                             Since all that I meet,shall work for my good,
                             The bitter is sweet,the medicine is food.
                             Though painful at present,twill cease before long.
                             And then O how pleasant, the conquerors song.

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