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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Hold fast to this truth. [ Psalm 103 v19 ]

We must not yield or tire in our belief in Gods sovereignty,I know I mention this a lot,I make no apologies for this,because I personally need
to hold unto this truth.It is so easy to loose sight of this vital truth,and in so doing we loose out.Even as I write this I have offered up a prayer,for a war torn country,because we read in Gods word ,that He makes wars to cease unto the ends of the earth [Psalm 46 v9].It is not that we should do nothing, no  we are called upon to do is pray,we pray things happen,when we don't pray things don't happen.The doctrine of the sovereignty of God ,brings with it a responsibility ,for us to act in accordance with Gods will, and means  we act by  faith,many years ago ,when my then wife and I were living by faith in relation to God meeting our needs.There was no food in the house,and no money,my wife went out,taking her shopping bag with her,and as she leaving our home a friend drew up in his car,with a gift.Just a word of caution,none of us are called to act irresponsible,some times we are called to stand still and see the salvation of God,other times we are called to go forward.
                                      A  prayer.
Dear God we thank you that you rule over all the affairs of life,help us to
walk by faith,and to trust in your power,and providence,in Jesus name Amen.

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