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Thursday, 3 March 2016

We are not self sufficient. [Luke 12 v15-21]

In his book ,'Grace unknown,' R.C.Sproul,writes about Gods self sufficiency,he writes,' God alone is the ground of his own being,'whereas we are not self sufficient,in God we live,and move,and have our being[ Acts17v28].R.C.Sproul rightly points out that we depend on the power
of God's being for us to exist.Consider the life force within us,why should our hearts just keep on pumping blood,can anybody explain that life force?.
I can,in God we live and have our being,the moment He withdraws that life force we die,at least our bodies die,but there is that after death existence.
That's why we are foolish to ignore this truth,sad to say there are many such fools,we read about one in Luke 12,our Saviour told the story of  a man who
was blinded by prosperity.He was going to retire with his pocket of gold lie
down on the beach,enjoy the sun,eat drink and be merry.Thats what he said
to himself,but God said,you fool,this night your soul will be required of you,all the things you have accumulated will no longer be of any value to you.God goes on to point out that when a person leaves Him out of their life, then they end up in big trouble.I repeat ,in God we live and have our beings we are not self sufficient ones.In all this God has made provision
for us all,through Jesus his Son,when we trust him as our Saviour,then and then only,can we be secure ,and safe.
                                Jesus lover of my soul,
                                Let me to Thy bosom fly,
                                While the nearer waters roll,
                                While the tempest still is high:
                                Hide me,O my Saviour hide,
                                Till the storm of life is past,
                                Safe into the haven guide,
                                 O receive my soul at last.
                                      [Words by Charles Wesley]

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