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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ann Maguire.[ Luke 23v 34]

The death has occurred of teacher in one of our schools,her name was Ann Maguire,she was genuinely loved and respected,she appears to have been a person with a big ,big heart.When her sister died, aged 35, Ann took her two children in and brought them up as her own,she had two children of her own. It appears she was a mother figure to many of those children she taught,the day she died,was her day off,but she had come in to help out, she was going to retire in September,she had been teaching for 40 years. It goes without saying that it makes one so sad that she died ,in such an awful way.What about her murderer?we do not know his name,like so many who do such awful deeds,he is described as a loner,his behaviour was described as one who would sit and stare,and rock back and forward. Ann will be remembered for her loveliness he will be remembered as a murderer, and by many as a weired boy.In these two people we see the two extremes of mankind,one person who rises to great heights, the other as  one who sank to great depths.It would be so easy to hate that young man,but what is required is prayer,love and forgiveness,I am sure that would be the best way to honour the person who was  Ann Maguire.
A  prayer...../ Dear God we thank You for those lovely people who touch our lives,but we also pray for those who blight our lives,and do awful things,like that young man,reach into his life and heart and save him ,we ask this in the name of  Him ,who died that we may be forgiven, even Jesus. Amen /

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