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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A debtor [ Romans 1 v14 ]

The movie,Saving private Ryan,tells the story of a mother and father,whose sons were serving in the 2nd world war,all of them got killed,bur one, Ryan.The authorities decided that to spare his parents further grief,Ryan should be brought home. A  group of soldiers are given the this task,and in the process,most of them are killed,but Ryan survives.The officer who lead this mission before he dies whispers to Ryan earn it,after the war Ryan returns to the grave of that officer,with his family,and as he looks at the grave,he askshis wife  ,/Tell me I have lead a good life,tell me I am a good man/ What he was saying was,did I attempt,to fulfil my debt to those who laid down their lives for me,it is the apostle Paul who declared himself a debtor[Romans 1 v14 ]. Just like Ryan he felt that he was under an obligation to the one who gave His life for him,he is not writing about earning his salvation,no one can do that,but of showing his gratitude to Christ,by loving and telling others of  Christ.It was Isaac Watts who wrote that wonderful hymn,When I survey the wondrous cross,the final words of this hymn sums up what I am trying to say,/Love so amazing so divine,demands my soul ,my life , my all./
A  prayer.../ Dear God in gratitude for the great love shown to us on Calvary,we offer our all to You ,we ask this in the name of Jesus,who loved us and gave Himself for us on Calvary. Amen /

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