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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Help my unbelief. [ Mark 9 v 17ff ]

But Thomas,one of the twelve refused to believe in the resurrection,as far as he was concerned it did not happen,no words would convince him.He just would not believe,no matter what,the person he had placed his hope in was dead,then Jesus came,Jesus did not rebuke him,nor reject him,no Jesus understood,that sometimes sorrow,can cause us to loose hope,to blind us.You see the death of Jesus was the most devastating thing that ever happened to Thomas,blinded by that loss,he refused to listen,to what anybody said.Jesus did not leave Him there,Jesus  loved Him, and He loves you.We are frail fragile beings,we withdraw into our shell,trying to protect ourselves from being hurt,but the hurt remains,the pain remains. So there came a moment when Thomas and the other disciples where in hiding,the doors were shut,there were two lots of doors of the home they where in,and the door of the heart of Thomas,he was the man with the closed heart.Jesus came and ministered to Thomas,and He said something very important,blessed are they that have not seen,and yet have believed[John 20v29].I have never seen Jesus,I do not expect to see Him until I get to heaven, because I know for me and you it is a walk of faith,if you are struggling,tell Jesus,faith is a gift ask Him on this resurrection day,to help your unbelief.
A  prayer.....Dear Lord,/Let me at a throne of mercy,find a sweet relief, kneeling there in deep contrition,help my unbelief, Amen/ [ Words by F.J.Crosby]

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