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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Experience Peace. [Philippians 4 v6-7 ]

Just recently I found myself becoming anxious,and the Holy Spirit reminded me, that I was to be anxious for nothing,but in everything by prayer and supplication,with thanksgiving,let my requests be made known to God,and the peace of God ,which surpasses all understanding will guard my heart and mind through  Christ Jesus[ Philippians 4 v6-7].I could have given in to my anxiety ,but instead I claimed these words,and experienced peace, so many times God has spoke to me, at times of difficulty.Of course if I had not read and memorised scripture, when the time of trial or temptation came, I would have been left floundering. Hiding the scriptures in our hearts is like planting a seed , that we are able to as it were harvest in, when it is needed.It is in someways like saving up for a rainy day,like and umbrella,that will keep the rain of us,those scriptures will encourage us ,and guide us. His word reminds us, that the Lord is our helper, and that He will always keeps His word,we will see the impossible becoming possible,and we will experience that most precious of gifts,the peace of God . We will stand in the storm and declare,I believe God,that it shall be even as it was told me[Acts 27v25]
A prayer....../ Dear God we thank You for Your word,on Thy word we will stand and not be afraid,in Jesus name Amen /

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