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Saturday, 19 April 2014

The in between day.[ Psalm 30 v5]

I suppose the day between Christs death and resurrection may be seen as the longest day,a day of despair for all of Christs followers,their whole world had it appeared come to an end. Faith had given away to doubt,confusion had set in,and sadness filled their hearts,and questions must have filled their minds.Questions of why Jesus had not stopped His death,after all He worked  miracles,calmed the raging sea,it must have appeared to them,that His power was so great that He could anything He wanted,so why did He allow Himself to be taken and crucified?.This in between day raised so many unanswered questions,I wonder are you in an in between day?, you may have experienced a terrible loss,or whatever,and like the disciples in this in between day ,you are devastated, and totally discouraged. Could it be that you feel that your Lord has failed you,after all you felt He could do anything,but it appears He did nothing, yes you prayed,read the scriptures,hoped and hoped. Well such was the disciples experience,let us remember this is but an in between day,it will pass,weeping may endure for a night,but joy cometh in the morning,[Psalm30v5], so hold on dear child of God ,Sunday is coming.
A  prayer...../ Dear  God  ,we thank You that our in between days, are not full stop days,they are but a pause.Thank You in Jesus name Amen /

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