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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Doctors and dentists [.Matthew 9 v12 ]

I had a bad experience recently with a new dentist, so many of us have a fear of dental treatment, Queen Elisabeth the 1st was really afraid,one of her ministers,tried to encourage her,by pulling out one his loose teeth,to show how easy it was.If only.I had to laugh at the what the dentist said ,about me pulling my offending tooth out myself,it didn't happen,he had to do it. Now I do not want to put any of you of in going to the dentist,most of the treatment I have had has been stressful but not to painful,most of our fears are ungrounded.  In our country we are very fortunate that we have dentists,doctors,hospitals,consider those countries were so many suffer,because they do not have the medical care they need,or cannot afford it.Our Saviour during his earthly ministry healed many,and it blesses me as I read of many who have followed in His footsteps,doctors and nurses who have brought medical care,to many poor suffering people.So today give thanks that you have a doctor,and dentist,and pray and support those who go and minister to the poor and needy in this world.
A  prayer..../ Dear God thank you for our doctors and dentists,and we pray for those who  suffer because of a lack of medical care,and we thank You for those dear people who are serving  such needy people, in Jesus name Amen

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