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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Pray and you will grow [ Ephesians 6v18]

Yesterday in work the IT system was not working,I had work to do,I prayed,and one of the other workers,said how an e-mail had been sent,telling us how we could get unto the system.So God answered prayer,and I was able to do my work,it reminds me and hopefully all of us,to bring all things to God in prayer, that prayer is not just a quite time,but  ongoing ,24/7. Our so called quite times are vital,the words of an old hymn came to mind,/When you left your room this morning ,did you think to pray,in the name of Christ our Saviour,did you ask for loving favour,as a shield today/
.None of us can pray to much, most of us don't pray enough,let not our prayer life be but a brief encounter,walk this day in continual communion with Jesus.We may forget many things,but let us not forget to pray,and as you look back,see how God has undertaken,because you prayed,and as you pray ,you will grow.
                                      Oh how praying rests the weary,
                                       Prayer will change the night today.
                                       So when life,seems dark and dreary,
                                       Don't forget to pray.[Words by W.O.Perkins/M.A..Kiidder]
A prayer...../Dear God open our hearts and minds,to the vital importance of prayer,help us to pray,in Jesus name Amen /      


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