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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A more glorious body. [ 1 Corinthians 15 v 42-43]

Recently at a group I help run, as I was just walking I was not performing,I was singing a song to myself,later I heard my colleague singing it,she realised what she was doing and laughed. This morning I have a song going through my mind,it is from an advert.on the TV,it is driving me mad,well not quite,but it is annoying.It appears  that we take in a lot of things unconsciously ,our brains take in so much,and to me one of the great mysteries of our brain is memory,how does it work?,it is amazing.The word of God declares that we are fearfully and wonderfully made[ Psalm 139 v14],when the Psalmist considers the human frame,it left him breathless and full of wonder.Consider the wonders of the human body,how we hear,see,and speak.and so we could go on.I think the wonder of the human body is most appreciated by a parent when they view their new born child.Modern man has been brainwashed to look at humanity through the eyes of godless human teaching, Christians see the wonder of the Creator Gods handiwork,that truly leaves one breathless.
Here is the message for us all ,God has made us, that is why we are here,He brought us into being for a purpose,it is only as one comes to know our Creator,that life takes on meaning.This happens when Christ becomes our Saviour,then we look at ourselves,in an altogether different way,yes we declare there is a purpose in life,a glorious purpose,when this body will give way to a new body,suited for a new heaven and earth.
A prayer...../ Dear God we praise You,that You made us for a purpose, these bodies are works of art,but one day these bodies will be changed into  even more glorious bodies, we praise You in Jesus name Amen /

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