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Sunday, 11 May 2014

God smiled [ Hebrews 11 v 5]

Did you see the photo of the elderly lady in Ukraine on the internet? ,the photo also showed Pro;Russian armed men waiting to ambush Ukrainian forces. The woman appears totally oblivious to the danger she was in,why?, she was reading her Bible,now I am not saying we should follow her example and walk into danger,or to read your Bible while driving. No but I do believe we can learn something from this old lady,she appears to show that she thinks reading the Bible is very important.Now let us ask ourselves how important is reading the Bible ,now reading the Bible is not  a competive activity,nor is the Bible a good luck charm. First of all it is Gods word in which He speaks to us,you and I don't need voices in our head,but we do need to  read the Bible, and to hear it with our hearts,not just with our ears. Now I know life can be very busy ,if you have a young family,children can be very demanding 24/7,but ask God to help you to fit in a time when you can read your Bible. If you have a limited desire to read the Bible ask God to give you a desire,He will,for He delights to give good things to His children. I will always remember that dear old lady,many may laugh at her,but I am sure God smiled at her with pleasure.
A  prayer..../ Dear God we praise You for Your word,help us to see it not as museum piece,but as something that we should value,read,and live by, in Jesus name Amen /

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