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Sunday, 18 May 2014

So near,yet so far a way. [ Matthew 11 v 20ff ]

Following on in relation to whom I spoke to about knowing the Lord,and her honest reply, that she did not know Him. There she was working in that building ,a place of worship,that has stood there for centuries and yet she did not know the Lord,so near,yet so far.There are so many people like that lady,attended church,brought up in a Christian family,and yet they do  not know the Lord.There where two thieves crucified with Jesus,both could see Him,talk to Him, but only one trusted Him, the other died in his sins,so near yet so far a way.Such a tragedy ,it is not the advantages one has that matters it is entering into the truth of those advantages.Our Saviour spoke to many with spiritual
advantages but many of them like that lady I spoke to,never came to know the Lord,it need not be so.There are many who have been born with that proverbial silver spoon in their mouths,but have wasted advantages,their advantages.I was born in a place of spiritual advantages, a place where many have heard the Gospel,but are not saved. Being near Jesus is of no avail,it is knowing Him,that counts,of calling on Him, to save,that is what counts.Let me remind you that Jesus came for the supreme  purpose of saving people,knowing that fact,is not enough, and unless He saves us we will be lost ,eternally. The fact that we have been near Him, will only bring us into grater condemnation.
A  prayer..../Dear Lord have mercy on those who may be near You yet do not know You as Saviour,Amen/

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