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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sovereign but Kind. ( 1 John 4 v 16 )

                         John W. Olley in his book , 'The message of Kings '
                         writes ,''History is not just a mishmash of human actions''.
                         That applies to history  , but also to  our own personal
                         history. The fact is our God reigns in all the affairs of
                         nations, no matter how hidden that appears to be. To
                         the natural eye all may appear confusion and uncertain,
                         but to the person of faith, their eye is on the one who is
                         in control , a Sovereign God. For those who follow Him.
                         they have His presence with them ,and that's enough.

                                           God shall alone the refuge be
                                           And comfort of my mind
                                           Too wise to be mistaken, He
                                           Too good to be unkind

                                           In all His holy, sovereign ,will
                                           He is , I daily find.
                                           Too wise to be  mistaken, still,
                                            Too good to be unkind .

                                           When I the tempter's rage endure,
                                            tis God supports my mind
                                            Too wise to be mistaken , sure,
                                            Too  good to be unkind.

                                             Though I  cannot His goings see,
                                             Nor all His footsteps find ;
                                              Too wise to be mistaken, He,
                                              Too good to be unkind.

                                              Hereafter He will make me know
                                              And I will surely find,
                                              He was too wise to err, and O
                                              Too good to be unkind.

                                                   ( Words  S. Medley )

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