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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Reincarnation ( John 3 v16 ]

                             There are millions of people who  believe in reincarnation, in the west
                              it is not taken to serious, but as I said millions do,one of the bases of
                              Hinduism .Let us consider it, I heard someone say it trivialises   death,
                              in one sense death is not real ,an allusion. Why because it just simply
                              means one is just changing bodies ,like the fictitious Dr Who. Well as I
                              said millions believe it , but it is not true ,the word of God clearly teaches
                              that it is appointed unto men once to die. That each individual when born
                              is someone who never existed ,they are a brand new individuals,with no
                              past history.They do not come back into an earthly existence as another
                               human being or animal. Hinduism proclaims not only do you come back
                              as you once where ,but depending how you live, you will exist as in inferior
                              human, or a superior human being. Many millions are treated like dirt
                              because they are considered inferior, no kindness should be  shown them.
                              I once went for an interview for a job ,and was asked what would be important
                              to me in the service I would offer others the old, poor, mentally ill. My reply
                              was, I considered every human being was created in the image of God,and
                              so I would treat them as equally important .

                                                            God loves everyone
                                                                 John 3 v16


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