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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Idols ( Exodus 20 v 3 ]

                 T.Keller in his book ,'How to find your rival gods',,writes the following.
                 ''Many a person thinks he has God and everything he needs when he has
                 money  and property , in them he trusts and of them he boasts so stubbornly
                 and securely that he cares for no one. Surely such a man also has a god -
                 mammon by name, that is , money and possessions - on which he fixes his
                 hole heart. It  is the most common idol on earth. He who has money and
                 property feels secure , happy , fearless , as if were sitting in the midst of
                 paradise. On  the other hand,  he who has nothing doubts and despairs as if
                 had never heard of God. Very few there are who are cheerful , who do not
                fret and complain ,if they do not have mammon. This desire for wealth clings
                and cleaves to our nature all the way to the grave.''

                                       But God said to him, 'You fool, you will die
                                       this night. Then who will get everything
                                      you worked for?. Yes a person is a fool to
                                      store up earthly wealth, but not have a rich
                                      relationship with God.
                                               ( Luke 12 v 20 - 21 )

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