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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Choose . ( John 14 v6 )

               It was Elijah the prophet, who challenged the backsliding
               nation of Israel with the following words, ''How long will you
               waver between two opinions? If  the Lord is God follow Him,
               but if Baal is God, follow him''. God demands an exclusive
               relationship,  Jesus stressed that He was only way
               to God (John 14v 6]. We cannot serve to masters, the people
               of Israel where trying to give their allegiance to a Canaanite
               god called Baal and the Lord, so they were challenged to make
               a choice. A lady said to me recently that no one would convert
               her, she had made a choice, unfortunately the wrong choice ,
               There is a verse in Revelation 3 v20 which reads .

                        Here I am , I stand at the door and knock
                        if anyone hears my voice and opens the
                        door, I will come in.


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