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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24/7 ( Genesis 5 v 24 )

                    John W. Olley  writes..''Faith cannot be separated from public life and decision
                    making''. Some people think you have to go church to pray ,some peoples
                   religion is only on a Sunday,some people think that because they were baptised as
                   a child, that's enough. There are others who only attend a church service at Christmas
                   or for wedding's,or for the funeral of a relative or a friend.Others who see religion
                   only for old people. There is an old gospel hymn which reads,

                                                   I go to church on Sunday,
                                                   The vows that I make I break
                                                   them on Monday
                                                   But come Sunday morning i'm
                                                   down on my knee's.

                                                 Enoch walked with God, 24/7


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