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Monday, 30 October 2017

The story is not over. ( John 3 v 16 )

                    One of the most godly kings of Israel was  Josiah ( 2 Kings 22- 23 ), he sought
                    to turn the people back to God, but it was all in vain ,for after his death, the nation
                    went back to their old ways. Israel the nation had its times of  spiritual life,but so
                    often they kept running away from God.. God loved them, but oh so often they
                   rejected His love,in spite of all He had done for them. Even when they became very
                   religious in our Lords time, their religion was hard and unloving. They had the plain
                   teaching of scripture,but failed to understand, the true character and purpose of the
                   promised Messiah.Instead of seeing the importance of a spiritual rebirth, they leaned
                   heavenly on their privileged  position of being children of Abraham. To them the
                   physical  ,the outward religious acts,overshadowed everything, Instead of welcoming
                   their Messiah with open arms,and embracing Him as their saviour, they saw Him as
                   a threat to their position. In the end they came to the conclusion he would have to die.
                   and so they schemed and planned to destroy him.  It is a very dark and tragic picture
                   I paint ,but it is a true picture,but of course the story is not over,in time God will bring
                   into His kingdom,a people from Israel ,which will be made up of all mankind,of Jews
                   and non-Jews, for Gods purposes are greater than a nation state. One day all those
                  who have come to know Christ, a people from every tribe and language ,,and
                  nation will gathered unto God and will sing the praises of  Him who loved them,
                  Jesus the Lamb of God who took  away their sins

                                                      'For the earth will be full
                                                      of the knowledge of the
                                                      Lord, as the waters cover
                                                      the sea.'
                                                               ( Isaiah 11 v 9 )

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