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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Gods timetable ( Acts 1 v 7 - 8 )

                       Did you know that God has a timetable?,we need to be reminded of this,unlike
                       trains and planes ,He is never late ,nor ever early,no ,whatever God has planned
                       will happen when He says it will happen. In Galatians 4 v 4 ,the writer ,writing
                       of the coming of Christ, tells us,''But when the time arrived that was set by God
                       the Father, God sent his Son,born  among us of a woman ''. It is something we
                       need to be reminded of ,especially in relation to prayer. lets be honest we all
                       want answers to our prayers immediately, and while God does answer a degree
                       quickly,other times he does not, we have to wait,for God to answer according to
                       His timetable. Now one of  the major things that some Christians struggle with is
                       the Lords coming again,it is the apostle Peter in 2 Peter 3 v ,who  reminds his
                       readers and us, that God is outside of time, and that there is a reason why he has
                       not come. The disciples were wondering when the fullness of Gods kingdom would
                       come into being ,so they asked Jesus,and this is what He told them,'' It is not for
                       you to know times or seasons ,that the Father has fixed by  His own authority''.
                       He followed up this statement by telling them that their task was to go into all the
                       world and be a witness for Him.

                                           Stop wondering and worrying as to Gods timetable

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