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Saturday, 21 October 2017

My holiday ( 1 Timothy 3 v 16 )

                              We where visiting the capitol of Malta, Valletta,and I spied
                              four people standing at a little stand ,with letters JW's on it. So I
                              decided to go and speak to them ,I am not good at conversing
                              with them.But  I have been thinking about them ,and how I can
                              speak more effectively to them. So I approached them ,and asked them
                              what did they think of the scripture ,''Great is the mystery of
                              godliness?''.They did not answer, and then I spoke another scripture
                              from Proverbs 3 v 5 ,''Trust in the Lord and lean not upon your
                              understanding''. Then I followed it up with a question,as to the meaning
                              of  John 1 v 1  ,''The Word was God'',What I was seeking to do was to
                              challenge them, to see when we come to God it is by faith, without faith we
                              can never know Him.To know Him, we start at the cross ,and put our faith
                              in the Christ of the Bible,the one who is God and man. And when we
                              follow Him, it is by faith ,remembering that He moves in mysterious

                                                              Abraham believed God.
                                                                   ( Romans 4 v 3 )


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