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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Get understanding. ( Luke 24 v13- 27 )

                   John W. Olley writing about  Satan's  use of scripture 
                   when tempting Jesus,  writes,  ''The mere  quoting of
                   Scripture  does not guarantee correct application, ''I was
                   talking to a friend ,who said he found it hard to retain
                   scripture ,even though he had memorized it. memorizing s
                   scripture is beneficial, the Bible tells about hiding Gods
                   word in our heart  ,that we may not sin against  Him. ( Psalm-
                   119 v 11) It is like buried treasure that will enrich our lives,
                   and when shared can enrich other peoples lives. It may be
                   hidden in our hearts that does not mean that we should hoard
                   it, we are meant to share the word of God. But it is important
                   that we grow in our understanding of Gods word. The
                   Psalmist prays ,''give me discernment that I may understand
                   your statutes''( Psalm 119 v 125)

                                                    A prayer

                        Dear God help us treat your word as the most precious
                        thing we have, to not neglect it, but to treasure it, that we
                        may be blessed, and we may bless Jesus name


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