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Monday, 2 October 2017

Remorse is not enough. ( Luke 15 v 7 )

                     A friend of mine  who used to be a justice of the peace was
                     sitting on the bench, before a young man, who had broke
                     the law. The solicitor representing the young man was asked
                     by my friend as to the young man's attitude ,the solicitor
                     said that he was filled with remorse.  My friend said this,     
                     '' but is he repentant,? '' the solicitor  was not sure what he
                     meant. My friend explained to him that repentance means
                     a change in his behaviour. Now there is much to be said
                     about repentance, John  Colquhoun's book on repentance
                     covers it  well, the drunken wife beater may  be filled with
                     remorse promising that he will not do it again, but unless  
                    there is repentance there will be no change. Repentance unto
                     salvation involves sorrow for sin, and a firm resolution
                     to hate and forsake  it.When we trust Jesus as our Saviour
                     the evidence that it is genuine is a changed life.


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