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Friday, 20 October 2017

My holiday. ( Matthew 7 v 16 )

                    One of the things that pleased me on holiday, I had
                    opportunity to speak to people about Christ . First there was
                    the man who picked us up from the airport ,he really was
                    not interested. Next was a lady in a shop that was a mission
                    full of Roman Catholic  religious items .I heard Christian
                    songs being sung, one of my favourite was being played,
                    called, 'I can only imagine ', it is about heaven ,and arriving
                     there. It gave me an opportunity to talk about going to heaven
                    I asked was she going ?,which led on ,to making it clear that
                    it is the work of Christ that saves, and that alone. I explained
                    that works are a very important evidence that we are saved.
                    It is only Christ and His sacrificial death, that ,and that alone
                    that saves .

                                      Not the labours of my hands
                                      Can fulfil Thy laws demands;
                                      Could my zeal no respite know
                                      Could  my tears for ever flow,
                                      All for sin could not atone;
                                      Thou must save , and Thou alone.
                                           ( Words.. A. M. Toplady )


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