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Saturday, 30 September 2017

He has not changed. ( Philippians 4 v19 )

            Today many people will be feeding their pets, we do not
            have a pet, but we put out food for the birds. In 2 Kings 17
            we read how a man of God  was fed by ravens .They acted
            on the command of God ,morning and evening they brought
            him food. God is not limited in providing for His children,
            we read how the Israelites doubted that God could meet their
            need, in unbelief they said,' Can God  provide a table in the
            wilderness',? ( Psalm 78 v 19). But  He did, the fact is you can
            focus on God or the wilderness, it is a saying where God guides
            He provides. He is  still the God of the impossible, He has not

                                   The Lord is my shepherd
                                    I shall not want.
                                          ( Psalm 23 v1 )


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