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Friday, 22 September 2017

Failure ( 1 Kings 9 v 6 - 9 )

                         In 1 Kings 9 , we read how God appeared unto Solomon
                         and spoke to him. He said , ''If you walk before Me in
                         integrity of heart, and uprightness , as David your father
                         did, and do all I command and observe your decrees and
                         laws. I will establish your  royal throne over Israel'' Sad
                         to say he failed and suffered the consequence, and sad to
                         say he failed miserably. The question is are we living in
                         disobedience?, we shut the door to blessing when  we
                         fail to keep our part of  the bargain.

                                             To obey is better than sacrifice.
                                                  ( 1 Samuel  15 v 22 )

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