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Friday, 29 September 2017

A daily walk ( Matthew 4 v 19 )

                     Each day I go for a walk, I  am not in training, I am
                     just trying to maintain a degree of  reasonable health,
                     I usually to do it each morning. There are some days
                     I may not go for my usual walk , no I don't  walk twice
                     as much the next day. Now there is something each I do
                     each day, it is another sort of walk, my daily walk with
                     with my Saviour. That is the most vital thing in my life,
                     unlike my daily exercise walk, I don't leave it off. For I
                     know I need Him everyday, how can I face the temptations
                     that come to me each day?, the answer is I can't. Where
                     would  I receive the strength to do what I have do? ,the
                     answer is , only from Him.

                     The Lord replied , My Presence will go with you, and
                      I will give you rest.
                                           (  Exodus 33 v 14 )

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