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Sunday, 24 September 2017

He acted the fool. ( Hebrews 3 v 7 - 8 ]

                         In Deuteronomy  17v 14 - 20, God gave instructions
                         in relation to Israel wanting a king . The king was not
                         to acquire horses , nor cause the people to return to
                         Egypt to purchase them. He was not to acquire many
                         wives , nor was he to acquire silver and gold. Solomon
                         ignored all these commands. These where important
                         in fact the king was to write out these instructions ,
                         keep them, and read them all the days of his life. But
                         we do not read of Solomon doing the latter.  Solomon
                         like  the people at the time of the judges  did what
                         was right in his own eyes, not ,what was good in Gods
                         eyes.  He may have been wise, but at the same time he
                         acted like a fool. God we are told became angry with
                         Solomon ,the question I ask is this, is God angry with
                         you or me?.

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