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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Anger ( Ephesians 4 v 26 - 27 )

                                          Wrong Anger.

                  It is  Alistair  Campbell who wrote a book called ,'The
                  Gospel  of  Anger', I have not read this book ,but the
                  title spoke to me. Now of course the gospel is good news
                  so why should we associate it with anger?, because anger
                  is associated with so much that is wrong. I become angry
                  I sin, and then I have to ask forgiveness, yes there is a
                  very wrong type of anger, which is destructive. C P
                  Ephesians 4 v26,  verse 27 reminds us that it gives the
                  devil an opportunity. We need to face up to the wrong
                  anger we manifest, stop making excuses, God can help us
                  if we seek him ,on a daily bases.

                                               A  Prayer
                 Dear Lord there are so many of us who manifest  a sinful
                 anger, grant us grace to face up to our wrong anger, guide
                 guide us and help us with this severe problem, in Jesus name.


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