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Saturday, 24 June 2017

The gift of reading. [ 2 Timothy 3 v 15- 17 ]

We were on a journey to visit our youngest boy, his wife and child, I was driving, I felt tired, so we pulled into a service station for a break, I had a coffee, and went to one the stores, that sold sweets, news papers, books etc.
I was looking at the shelves full of magazines, and I made a discovery,a
magazine called ,' The Oldie', it does not take much thought to realise it is a magazine aimed at ,yes you guessed, for my age group, so I bought one. It is full of many short articles by well known people, I suppose they are short
because of  my fellow oldies short attention span, I joke, but I did find it a jolly good read. Now about that attention span, it is something a preacher should always take into  account, but unfortunately some don't. Most of my reading is in short burst, I get tired unless the book is very interesting. I am always reading something, I have  a kindle, plus a number of books. I read the Bible every day ,I love short devotionals, I read four. I never did like school, but I will always be glad that I learnt to read, it opened up a whole new world for me. I read because I enjoy it, as a Christian, I love the Bible
I love to read it, and I desire more and more to understand it, I honour  it as
being Gods word , as opposed to my other books. I read today of a man who
had to wait 65years before he got a bible, I am sure he would tell you and  I, that it was worth the wait, for you see as the little chorus goes,' the best book to read is the Bible'.

                                         A prayer
Dear God thank you for the gift of reading, we thank you for the world of books, especially for the Bible, the best book of all. Amen.


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