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Monday, 5 June 2017

Need a soul doctor ?. [ Isaiah 53 v 4-5 ]

When it comes to the human condition spiritually, it can be seen as being  sick. It  is the prophet Isaiah who gives a graphic description of the nation of Israls as being dire, here is what he said, chapter 1 v5-6.
                               Your whole head is injured
                                and you whole heart afflicted
                                From the sole of your foot
                                to the top of your head
                                there is no soundness
                                only wounds and welts,
                                 and open sores,
                                 Not cleansed or bandaged
                                  or soothed with oil.
Jeremiah describes man's heart as being ,deceitful above all things, and beyond cure.[17 v9]. We hear the phrase ,''He/ She, is sick, to describe a person who commits awful things Our Saviour spoke of the religious leaders as being blind, [Matthew 15 v14]. There is an old phrase comes to mind, that sums up humanity's, condition ,that of being a sin sick soul . Now no earthly physician can deal with that sickness, of course people do not appreciate their awful condition spiritually . But when they do there is only one who can heal, the sin sick soul, that is Jesus. It is interesting the account of the lady healed in Mark 5,the word healed in v23,could also mean be saved. Likewise in verse 27 the lady,'' if I just touch his clothes[Jesus],I will be healed, can mean ,'' I will be saved''. So in the words of an old hymn, reach out to Jesus and He will, ''Heal your wounded broken spirit''.
                                     A  prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus we thank you ,that you are the only one that can heal and save our sin sick souls, Amen.



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