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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Perfection [ Philippians 3 v12-14 ]

There are people and they are perfectionist, their gardens must be perfect,
their homes must be perfect, and so on. I do not know how far they may take it, I do try to do my best, I have in my time had to do the decorating in my home, I am not to bad at painting but not at wallpapering, I am not the perfect driver, indeed let me think about it, I am not perfect at  anything. I have just started playing indoor bowls, and I am useless at it, no, perfection does not run in my genes. Now I am Christian a long time so I should be  perfect, always loving, always holy, but of course I am not.'' Selwyn Hughes wrote'', A truly Spirit- filled Christian demonstrates in a balanced way the qualities of  love, joy .peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self control. These are the fruit of the Spirit, [Galatians 5 v22-23 ] I hear myself saying,if only that were true in my case. It is our Saviour who said,  ''Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly father is perfect''[Matthew 5 v48].This is an exhortation, and must be taken seriously, even though we will never attain this perfection till we get to Heaven,There should be a hungering and thirst after righteousness,  striving after that godly perfection. Martyn Lloyd Jones , He writes that there should be a certain likeness of our Heavenly in all His children. It is in that striving after holiness  ,that prayerful crying unto God our father, to do His perfect will.
                                     A  Prayer.
Dear God grant unto us all that desire to be holy as you are holy in Jesus name Amen]

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