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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

I remember. [Psalm 121]

My wife purchased a steam map, it was made by a company called Goblin,
to my wife it  was just a steam map, to me it was much more,  over forty years ago I worked for this company. Memories came flooding back,of the many people I worked with, it was during my time there that I came back to the Lord, it was during my time there I got married. During my time there I felt the call of God on my life, and left to go to Bible college. I could write so much more about my time working for that company, it was truly significant in my life. I looked at the box the mop came in, and I discovered that the map had been made in China. When I worked there they had two factories in the UK, now it appears they are gone. In forty years so much has changed, the UK has changed, the world has changed in so many ways.
But as a Christian I rest not on the changing things of this world but in my unchanging God. He changes not,[Malachi3 v6].As a Christian I rest on God whose love for all his children will never change[Jeremiah 31 v3 ].
His care for His children will not change[Philippians 4 v19/Psalm23].His
power has not change, power to save, power to keep, power to do exceedingly abundantly above all that ask or think[Ephesians 3 v20].His
faithfulness will never change [ Jeremiah 3 v22-23],He will never leave
His children or forsake them[Hebrews 13 v5]

                               Great is Thy faithfulness,
                               Great is Thy faithfulness,
                               Morning by morning new mercies I see;
                               All I have needed Thy hand has provided,
                               Great is Thy faithfulness , Lord unto me.

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