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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Courage [ Romans 8 v 37]

Let us continue to consider the importance of courage, it is important because that is what we will need .The pilgrim fathers left England to live in what we now call America, that took courage, so often Christians have gone to places of danger, that took courage. A minister I know accused his church of not having courage, I feel he spoke unadvisedly, we must be careful in passing judgement on others. Yet for all that ,we need a degree of courage to be a Christian, in a time when Christians, are trying to persuade
themselves and the world that they are not different, the fact is we are different. The words of  Romans 12v2 come to mind,'' Do not any conform
any longer to the pattern of this world''.  That will take courage for our children at school, for  all of us who are Christians. Daily I pray for Christians who are facing discrimination ,intimidation, they need courage .
In the movie ,''The wizard of Oz,'' Dorthy had three friends, a  scarecrow,a
tin man, and a lion, they all lacked something. A  brain, a heart, and courage. So they went down that yellow brick road to see the great wizard.
Now we all have a brain and a heart, but many of us do not have courage. I believe that the secret of having courage, is trust, in God and His word, I leave the following word with you, it was spoken to a new leader, Joshua, he succeeded Moses. He was going to lead the people, into the promised land a land with formidable foes, so here is what he was told.

                             ''Have I not commanded you?
                              Be strong and courageous.
                              Do not be terrified,
                              do not be discouraged,
                              for the Lord your God
                              will be with you wherever
                              you go''
                                 [Joshua 1 v  9]

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