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Monday, 26 June 2017

Oppressive religion.[ Nehemiah 8 v10]

I read an article of a lady who was brought up in a stately home in Derry, or London Derry, whatever you prefer, 'mainly by Presbyterian staff who taught her, if you enjoy yourself, you will pay for it later'. It reminds me of a story I read once of a young minister in Scotland, where they held very strict rules on the Sabbath. The manse was situated beside a lake, the church was on the other side of the lake. It was the Sabbath, and as he started to make his way around the lake but the road was blocked. What was he to do?, duty called, so he got into a boat rowed across the lake, and took the service. Well the local elders heard about his rowing across the lake on the
Sabbath, so they called on the local minister to reprimand him. Well said the young minister, what was I to do, I had to take the service. The elders
thought on this for a while, and then one asked did you enjoy it?. Both these
little stories make me smile, and yet there is a serious side to them,maybe
that's the point, they are to serious. The people our dear Saviour dealt with
took out all the joy out of the Jewish religion, and woe betide you if you crossed the line of their oppressive rules and regulations.
                                    A prayer
Dear God and Father, we know that life is serious, but we do not believe
that our Saviour came to burden us with a life that is oppressive, help us to laugh occasionally, and to enjoy it,fill our hearts with your joy in Jesus name Amen.

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