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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

All things new. [Revelation 21 v1-5 ]

Pray for Paul, now I am not referring to the apostle Paul, but to someone I met out walking, he was using a walker , a three wheeled one. As I drew up to I drew up to him, I wished him good morning, and asked how he was keeping, he told me he had suffered a stroke. One way it had effected him was his taste buds, in other words everything was just food, no taste to it. He lives on his own, he did not look very happy. The good think was I managed to speak a word of witness to him, so  that's why I want you to pray for Paul, pray that the Lord will save him. We are all without exception going to experience a deterioration, if its not our body, it could be our mind
But I told Paul that as Christian there is coming a time when we will receive
a new body, that will never deteriorate, yes the future is bright for the child of God ,on that day there will be no walking frames, no hearing aids, no pace makers, no lonliness ,Jesus declares,'' I am making everything new''[Revelation 21 v5 ],

                                                A  prayer.
Dear Saviour thank You for the blessed hope, that awaits all who believe in
You, Amen.

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