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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Kindness[ Galatians 5 v 22 ]

Many years ago I was told someone said something about me that was unkind, and it stuck with me, and hurt me deeply. But the person lives in
Ireland so it made it difficult to resolve it, I have prayed about, but it keeps rearing its ugly head. Then I read something written by Selwyn  Hughes
on kindness, a quality within the fruit of Spirit. He wrote'' The interesting thing about kindness is that we remember an act of kindness when all other
events have been forgotten''. Which takes me back to the person who
supposedly said something hurtful about me. I have mentioned before that there was a time when my wife and I lived by faith. It was a testing experience, we just about got through but it was not easy, we had three
children. One evening the person called at my home and gave me a gift,
which helped us. Remembering that kindness lessened the hurt I was feeling, yes we do remember the kindness shown to us, when all other events have been forgotten. So today let us show a little kindness to someone, they may remember that more than any sermon we have ever
preached, or they just might remember.

                                      A prayer.
Dear God help us to be kind ,after all ,you are the most kind person one could think off, in Jesus name Amen

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