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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

He has made all the difference. [ Psalm 23 ]

I was out shopping, and a young fellow on  the till spoke to me, his face was familiar, it turned out he had for a while attended the church I attend. But alas he was not attending any church at this time, not sure why, but he did mention problems. I found myself  saying,'' Better to have Christ with you, and to not have Him,'' The fact is being a Christian, does not mean ,you will not have problems, the nature of life, involves problems, none of us can escape this reality. Just read the Bible and you find many followers of God
facing sorrow and tears, loss and injustice. But what they did have ,was the presence of Christ with them, and that makes all the difference. In other words we face no problems on our own, his abiding presence, His comfort,
His resources, His peace, His grace, are working for our good .His Spirit
will enable us to cope, and irrespective of the problems He loves us, and will continue to love us. He will remind us that there is a better day coming
that perfect day ,in which we will never have any problems, worries and cares.
                                      A prayer.
Dear Lord we thank you for being our Saviour,Lord, and Friend, we could never have managed without you, you have made all the difference. Amen

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