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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Still standing. [ Acts 7 v 56 ]

While on my daily walk , I spoke to a fellow walker, I asked him how he was?, he replied that he was recovering from four strokes and a heart attack.
Well I said to him you are still standing, and he agreed, then he went his way and I went my way. Yes he was still standing after all he experienced, of course life will throw a lot of things at us, even though we are Christians.
One cannot help admire those who are still standing, in spite of all the trials and difficulties they experience. We know more about the apostle Paul than
any other of the apostles, prison, floggings, shipwrecked three times, danger
from so many people, experienced hunger and thirst, and nakedness,2 Corinthians [11v23ff],inspite of this he was still standing. .Then my mind turned to our Saviour, consider all He experienced, consider how Satan used one his our Lords disciples to betray him. and how men did their worse to him, and his disciples forsook him. Pilate had him flogged, and the Jews had him crucified, but on the third day He was still standing, triumphant, and victorious.

                                           A  prayer
Dear Lord we ask for grace to remain standing irrespective of my circumstances, trials, temptations, or hardships Amen

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