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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Bullying [ Joshua 1 v9 ]

While watching an old war movie, one  of the characters, confesses to being a coward, none of us would to think of  ourselves as being a coward. Recently a Pastor spoke of some members of his church as lacking in courage. The apostles lacked courage the night Christ was arrested, especially Peter. ,in given situations ,lets be truthful to ourselves, we do not know how we act if we were in their shoes. Often the price of being courageous is costly, it does not have to be in  a war zone. There are many dear children who courageously face bullying in their school, likewise, there are people who courageously,face a bullying boss. Bullying in the home, by husbands, or even wives, they need courage, to face this sinful practise. And sometimes they need to walk away, we are not meant to be any bodies punch bag, be it physically, or mentally . It takes courage to follow Jesus, many ,many dear people take their lives in their hands, by declaring they are followers of Jesus. Today let us lift up our hearts in prayer against this sin of bullying, wherever it is manifest.

                                            A  prayer.

Dear God you know the evil of bullying, help all those who are experiencing  it ,in Jesus name we ask this, Amen.


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