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Friday, 9 June 2017

Do you love me more?. [Matthew 16 v24-25 ]

A dear friend told me of his early Christian experience, how when he told his parents, he had trusted Jesus, they became very antagonistic. They had a
very bad opinion of  Christians, believed them to be all hypocrites. And so started a time severe testing for my friend, as they tried with all their means
for him to give up being a Christian, and this increased when he told them he was going to be baptised, the result was he became homeless for short time. My friend got married to a fine Christian, he went to Bible college, and became a minister. When his parents became old things changed, his mothers attitude softened, and he managed to gave her a Bible. His dad became very ill, and he was able to witness to him,and just before he died, my friend prayed a simple prayer of salvation, and his father became a Christian.While we are to honour our parents, we must honour God first, and while we are to love our parents ,we are to love Christ more.The devil can use our nearest and dearest to turn us away from being a Christian. Even our Lords family thought He was out of His mind[Mark 3 v21 ],the people he had grown up with ,were offended at Him[Mark 6 v3]. Peter rebuked Him for revealing that He was going to suffer and die [Matthew 16 v21-23 ].And of course the religious establishment ,hated Him and crucified Him.

                                       A  prayer
Dear Lord help those who are suffering for your sake, grant unto them the
grace to not give up. Amen

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