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Monday, 12 June 2017

Gifts [ Romans 12 v 1-8 ]

There are just some things one is not good at, and that's a fact, when I was younger I used to play different sports, but I was never great at them. Still it
is important to get involved, for a number of reasons, social ,keeping fit, or just for fun. Well what about our spiritual gifts, we are not all gifted,in the same way,I used to sing ,and sometimes a person  would say I wish I could sing like you, I thought it a bit amusing when a woman would say that to me. The thing is, we all have gifts, in Romans 12 we have the following gifts, J . Stott, divides them into two categories, speaking gifts, and serving gifts. Now I know there are other gifts mentioned in  1Corithians12,these can be controversial, but they are there. Also we have gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4,now whatever you think of the gifts ,they have been given for the good of Gods people. I believe God has granted to all of His children's ,
gifts, which we are meant to exercise, so let us do that. let us not get carried away, or puffed up as regards whatever gift God has given us, as John Stott puts it ,to think soberly about our gifts, according to the grace given us.

                                           A prayer.
Dear God we thank You for the gift of eternal life through Jesus, and we thank You for the gifts granted unto your people, by the Holy Spirit,  in
Jesus name Amen.

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